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Distribution Center

Distribution Center


Shanghai Guowang distribution center has more than 20 years of fruit distribution experience. With decades of working experience, the managers of operating department and the product control department lead the employees to strictly check inand out dozens of tons of fruit every day.

As the most direct channel forGuowang fruit sales, all fruits are carefully selected before they  redistributed to different supermarkets, stores, enterprises, well-known dessert shops and Karaoke sites.

The distribution center has 13 fixed cold storage stores for different types of fruit to ensure thefreshness of the fruit. The main fruits distributed include imported red grapes, navel orange, cherry, ginseng, dragon fruit, grapefruit, etc., as well as high-quality domestic fruits such as apples, bananas, mangoes, papayas and cantaloupes. The business philosophy of the distribution center is to let all the Chinese citizens taste a variety of fresh fruits every day.
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