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Shanghai Guowang Produce Co., Ltd.was formally established in 2001. The founder of the company is Mr. Qian Jianping, as well as the chairman of the company. He is also the vice president of Shanghai Fresh Fruit Trade Association. The company is mainly engaged in wholesale ofimportfruits, and also in high-end domestic fruits. The Chairman, Mr. QIAN Jianping, has nearly two decades of experience in fruit business. As a PMA member, he has participated in the PMA annual meeting every year in order to introduce more imported fresh fruits to Chinese people. The Chairman, Mr. QIAN Jianping, has personally lead the company team to inspect premium fruits all around the world every year.By the good faith management, high quality service for its business purpose, constant pursuit of higher goal.

The company's main business iswholesale of imported fruit, which has multiple wholesale stands in the first-level wholesale imported fruit market in many regions.At the same time, The company also has more than 5,000 square meters of cold storage warehouse, which can fully guarantee the diversity in variety and sufficiency in quantity of fruits supply. In addition to distribution to large supermarkets, stores and enterprises, many second-level and third-level fruit wholesalers have become the company's main customers. Furthermore, the company's business has also expanded to Guangzhou, Beijing, Fujianand etc, making the company's business to be raised to a new level.



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